Immigration & Visa Services
Apart from GCC residents,

all other nationalities need to get a UAE residence visa to lawfully stay in the UAE. There are various kinds of residence visas for foreign expatriates that meet varied specifications. A residence visa would be required for daily requirements in daily life like getting a bank account, leasing / purchasing property,, driver license… etc.

Investor Residence Permit
For people who have set up a business in Dubai and also listed as a partner within the business license meet the criteria for a Residence Permit. Legally all investors in the company qualify for Residence Status. As soon as company is established, IDS Business Center can request for your Residence Permit inside twenty four Hrs.
Time period of the visa is 36 months.
Employee Residence Permit
For any kind of employee (executive, salesperson, Clerk and Laborer…etc.) a work visa is given on the basis of the successful authorization of Work Permit from the Ministry of Labour.
The period of this visa is for 24 months.
Dependent Visa
For the sponsored person to sponsor a spouse and kids. Any citizen of Dubai can sponsor their relatives as long as they are the business owner or a member of staff. Assuming that specific criteria are met, you’re able to sponsor your loved ones quickly upon finalizing your own residence standing.
The period of this visa would be identical to the individual who is sponsoring the dependent.
Criteria to sponsor a dependent:
Minimal income has got to be AED 3,000 if housing included, or AED 4,000 if housing isn’t included.
Testified wedding certification and labor contract is required to be provided in the situation of sponsoring spouse.
Attested Birth certification and labor contract is needed to be able sponsor children.
Relative Visa
For people who want to sponsor parents, in laws or siblings. This type of visa isn’t common process and an exclusive application is required to be submitted before the Immigration underneath the Humanitarian Department. The period of this visa will be 12 months.